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About Us

World Wellness Center was conceived in the early eighties with the simple vision that people could achieve complete health and well being using methods that did not include the use of prescription drugs and surgery.

After 25 years in the field of pharmaceuticals and allopathic medicine, Dr. Emil and Susan Faithe came to realize that the human body can achieve perfect balance and complete health on its own, if only provided with the proper nutrients, energy rebalancing, and proper supplementation.

That was our vision then, and that is our vision today.

The Faithe Team has set out to change the way people view their lives, and to teach them how to recognize and release the blocks that keep them from optimum health and well-being. Above all, they have come together to help people recognize and activate their full potential in this lifetime.

Their services encompass a complete array of holistic and natural approaches that include diet and nutrition balancing, energy re-alignment techniques, intuitive counseling, natural medicines, and more.  

Today, and always, Dr. Emil and Susan Faithe offer the most cutting edge holistic wellness services available. They continue to explore and develop healing and balancing techniques for the human body, mind, and soul for the coming ages… always ahead of their time.

Juicing Tips from the Faithes

Dr. Emil Faithe

Medical Intuitive
Holistic Pharmacist

Susan Faithe

Energy Therapist
Psychic Medium