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What to Expect from Your Appointment:

Our modalities may include but not be limited to dietary changes, natural medicines, lifestyle guidance, emotional release techniques, hands-on-healing techniques, as well as intuitive observations of the origin of symptoms, which are often the result of unreleased emotional blocks.

In order to provide you with the best opportunity for complete healing, we often suggest follow-up visits, to make any adjustments to the natural medicines and doses, to complete emotional releases in progress, and to monitor results of the applied modalities and techniques.

As with all healing, everyone is different. Results can be seen quickly, slowly, or not at all, depending on your condition.

Consultations last approximately 1 1/2 hours, and follow-up sessions are approximately 1/2 an hour.

All of our sessions are available via telephone worldwide


Dr. Emil Faithe

Medical Intuitive
Holistic Pharmacist

Susan Faithe

Energy Therapist
Psychic Medium