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Energy Transformation Session

Our bodies and everything around us is made of energy. In our daily lives we encounter many people whose negative energy, anger, and physical and emotional imbalances can literally "rub off" on us, often disrupting our own energy field. These energies often remain within us until they are cleared, creating a host of unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms.

Cell phones, computers, televisions, cell phone towers, power stations, high wire lines... all of these can disrupt our personal energy fields. Over time these disruptions can cause a host of uncomfortable symptoms and conditions ranging from chronic or acute pain to depression and chronic fatigue, to migraines, panic and anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, anger, confusion and more.

Susan's powerful healing energy can help clear and balance the body's energy fields and provide dramatic improvement in your physical and emotional symptoms, and help release long-standing, deep-seated emotional blocks. Her unique and powerful energy transformation techniques will restore and balance your chakras, your energy meridians, and help clear and balance your aura. Results are often profound and immediate. This Energy Transformation Session is unlike any other energy session you've experienced!

Telephone sessions are equally effective as in-person sessions.

All of our sessions are available via telephone worldwide

Energy Transformation Session with Susan — $99


Dr. Emil Faithe

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Susan Faithe

Energy Therapist
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