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Holistic Wellness Workup

We live in emotionally and energetically challenging times. As a result many individuals on the planet are experiencing unusual and seemingly uncorrectable health issues, physical and emotional symptoms that often do not respond to traditional healthcare modalities or harsh prescription medicines. You've been everywhere and tried everything but nothing seems to work. So where can you turn to get to the bottom of these seemingly "mysterious" health and life issues? A Holistic Wellness Workup with Dr. Emil can help you break the health confusion cycle once and for all.

Dr. Emil combines his gift of medical intuition and his years of experience as a holistic healer to detect and correct the true underlying causes behind your physical and emotional symptoms. He can "see" and sense the areas of the body that need balancing and correcting. Along with a medical intuitive reading, Dr. Emil utilizes his unique method of kinesiology, or muscle testing, to check for organ imbalances, hormone and thyroid imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, festering microbial infections, diet and lifestyle miscues, heavy metal overload, environmental toxins, and more. He also tunes in to your energy field to uncover any latent emotional disruption and energy imbalances that may be to blame.

This comprehensive, head-to-toe, holistic consultation and evaluation is not your ordinary doctor visit. Your session includes but is not limited to an assessment of:

  • Organ function and fatigue
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Candida infections and other microbial infections
  • Diet and nutrition habits
  • Hormone and thyroid imbalances
  • Heavy metals and other environmental toxins
  • Lifestyle miscues
  • Emotional blocks and energy imbalances
  • Past life traumas and influences
  • Prescription medicines you currently take
  • Vitamins and supplements you currently take
  • If your health and life is in disarray, if no one has been able to solve your health puzzle, even if they call you a "medical mystery", a Holistic Wellness Workup with Dr. Emil can change your life. Each visit is tailored specifically to your unique situation, with particular care and attention paid to the sensitive persons of the planet, like you.

    Your session includes a medical intuitive reading, full panel energy testing, and a detailed action plan designed to bring all body systems back to balance. You will receive specific written instructions for diet and nutrition modification, nutrient replenishment, and clearing of physical and energetic toxins. This truly comprehensive holistic session can help you experience dramatic and long lasting improvement in your health and wellbeing.

    If you are serious about uncovering the core issues behind your symptoms, this session is for you.


    All of our sessions are available via telephone worldwide

    Holistic Wellness Workup with Dr. Emil — $399



    Dr. Emil Faithe

    Medical Intuitive
    Holistic Pharmacist

    Susan Faithe

    Energy Therapist
    Psychic Medium