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Life Path Reading

Life is an awesome experience, full of wonder and surprises, and sometimes, challenges and obstacles. An intuitive life guidance session explores the areas of your life that are not working, and helps you recognize the root causes of these blocks.

We can intuitively observe relationship blocks, lifestyle and health obstacles, career miscues, and everything else in between. 

The information revealed to you in a reading is information you can take back and really use right now, to change your life, to activate your true potential… Real world guidance for the real world, and your real life. Accurate, powerful, and relevant. This is not your typical "party" psychic reading. This is what an intuitive reading was meant to be.

If you’re stuck in your life and are looking for the revelations that can make a real difference, consider a life guidance session for yourself or a loved one, and gain important insight into your life path.


All of our sessions are available via telephone worldwide

Life Path Reading with Dr. Emil or Susan, 30 minutes — $70

Life Path Reading with Dr. Emil or Susan, 60 minutes — $125

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Dr. Emil Faithe

Medical Intuitive
Holistic Pharmacist

Susan Faithe

Energy Therapist
Psychic Medium