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Life Transformation Session

Is your life out of balance? Do you feel lost and listless? Does your body and your life need a serious energy tune-up? Then you need a serious Energy Healing Session, and this is it — the ultimate and all-inclusive FOUR STEP Life Transformation Session.

1. Energy Clearing and Balancing
2. Intuitive Body Scan
3. Life Path Reading
4. Diet and Nutritional Analysis

Susan will begin by clearing your clogged and stifled chakras, cleansing your aura, and realigning your energy meridians. She will also clear unhealthy energy attachments from the energies of other people, and from spirit attachments that are bringing you down. This powerful energy healing session also includes an intuitive body scan to help detect any organs or glands that are out of balance. Susan follows her energetic clearing with suggestions to help re-establish harmony within your organs and glands, and well beyond.

Your session also includes a powerful and insightful life path intuitive reading where Susan will help isolate and detect the emotional and energetic origins of your health and life symptoms. She will also provide specific and direct guidance on how to get "un-stuck," to help you move forward on the perfect life path for you.

Finally, Susan will review your diet and nutritional status and develop a diet plan based on your specific body type, to help re-nourish your body and mind, restore your natural metabolism, and rejuvenate your vitality for life.

This is an all-inclusive emotional and energetic session that will restore your mood, energy, weight, metabolism, and your life. This is a true Life Transformation Session uniquely tailored to your life situation.

This session is equally effective in person in our office or long distance anywhere in the world.

90-minute Life Transformation Session with Susan — $249



Dr. Emil Faithe

Medical Intuitive
Holistic Pharmacist

Susan Faithe

Energy Therapist
Psychic Medium