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Space Clearing for Home or Business

Got Ghosts? Are you feeling uncomfortable in your own home? Are you and you family in constant spats, feeling low or depressed, or experiencing unusual energy or paranormal activity? Is your business failing? Are you constantly stressed out by financial woes and employee problems, and more? Space clearing of negative energies and entities, or spirit activity, is often the answer.

Some buildings were constructed over burial grounds or on the site of past traumatic events unknown to the occupant. Unwanted energy attachments can attach themselves to places and spaces and the individuals who reside within them. Many energy attachments or spirits are lost and confused, some are attempting to right a "wrong," or feel they need to communicate something to the resident or proprietor. These unseen spirit energies and other negative energy patterns can result in business chaos or create unhealthy living situations.

Energy Therapist and Master Intuitive Susan Faithe can reach and clear those stubborn energies and entities that may be hanging around your living or work space. She can help solve the mystery of unwanted activity and help bring closure to long standing energetic miscues. This is a thorough physical and intuitive assessment and clearing of negative energies affecting your space, including feng shui guidance.

These sessions are powerful and results are often felt immediately after a space clearing.

Long distance clearing sessions are extremely effective. Pricing starts at $125 for a single clearing session and is based on the size and configuration of the structure to be cleared. Please contact us for an exact price quote for your home or business.

All of our sessions are available via telephone worldwide

Space Clearing for Home or Business (remote clearings only) with Susan — $125



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