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Sensitive Survival Session

Are you extra sensitive to certain foods, odors, chemicals, electronics and EMF energy, and the energy of other people? Do you often feel alone, misunderstood, and feel like you don’t fit in? Do you often feel like you are just plain different than everyone else, especially your family and friends? You are not alone. You are an ultra-sensitive. And tens of millions of ultra-sensitive men and women everywhere are now awakening to their gifts and abilities, and to the often uncomfortable life challenges that face them.

Ultra-sensitive individuals like you are wired differently than the rest of the population. You typically exhibit strong empathic abilities, sensing the energies, pain, and just about everything about people and events around you, even people and events occurring half-way around the globe. You often display strong intuitive and healing abilities, have an interest or talent in the arts and music, and an unexplainable interest in UFO’s and off-world happenings. You tend to be overly-compassionate, extra diligent, ultra-emotional, yet you often find yourself struggling with the challenges of your own life, often experiencing career and financial woes, unusual health challenges, and difficulties in relationships of all types. All of this can leave the ultra-sensitive person feeling exhausted, lost, depressed, and hopeless. And that’s on a good day.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Have you or a loved one been seeking help understanding your lives, your unique gifts and sensitivities, your often exceptionally challenging lives? The truth is, for eons sensitive individuals everywhere have cloistered themselves away, suffering in silence, not knowing where to turn to discuss their plight, with no one to turn to who understood what they were going through, until now.

As a self-proclaimed ultra-sensitive, Dr. Emil works extensively with the ultra-sensitive individuals on the planet, helping them recognize and overcome the unique challenges they face. Food allergies, energy and environmental sensitivities, mood swings, anxiety, chronic fatigue, blood sugar swings, relationship challenges, sensitive healthcare needs, workplace trauma are just a few of the areas that will be addressed in your session. Dr. Emil will also perform an intuitive assessment of your physical and emotional status to help you discover who you really are, what you’re really here to do in this life, and how to get started doing it.

As an ultra-sensitive, you need special care and handling in all aspects of life. A Sensitive Survival Session can help restore your confidence and self-esteem, and help you understand that it is not only okay to be an ultra-sensitive and express yourself as an ultra-sensitive, it is mandatory in order to maintain your mental and physical wellbeing. If you’re feeling lost, confused, misunderstood, and stuck in a world that doesn’t get you, this session is for you.

Also make sure to read Dr. Emil’s book, You Are Sensitive!, the definitive guide to getting your sensitive life on track and keeping it there. It is a must have for every ultra-sensitive person, especially the ultra-sensitive males who are now awakening to their own special gifts, their emotional sensitivities, and their softer side. One read and you’ll think the book was written just for you.

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Sensitive Survival Session with Dr. Emil — $179

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